Sterling Cast, Breathtaking Spots in Sexy Surfing Movie “Apocalypse Child”

Surfing in the Philippines has never been so sexy—and so cinematic—than in the critically-acclaimed Filipino film Apocalypse Child which opens in cinemas nationwide on October 26.


Everyone in the ensemble cast is known for their acting prowess: Sid Lucero who plays Ford, the surfing instructor; RK Bagatsing who plays Rich, the soon-to-be-wed congressman; Gwen Zamora as Serena, the fiancée with a dark past, Annicka Dolonius as Fiona, the girl visiting from the States; Archie Alemania as Jordan, the sensible kabarkada; and Ana Abad Santos, the hip mom.

All major cast were nominated in the latest Urian Awards and Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP) Luna Awards. Ana bagged two Best Supporting Actress trophies for Apocalypse Child—one from the Urian and the FAP.

The story is about Ford who’s been told all his life that he is the son of a famous American film director. This often-repeated tale takes a dramatic turn when Rich facilitates a paternity test so that Ford’s celebrity-father finally acknowledges him.  “It’s about how people tell themselves stories that may or may not be true, but it’s the story they know so they will stick to it,” explains director Mario Cornejo.

What is definitely true is that Apocalypse Child is one of the most applauded Filipino films of 2015. Since its debut at the 3rd QCinema International Film Festival (where it won four awards, including Best Picture),  Apocalypse Child has received numerous nominations from local award-giving bodies, and has consistently been cited as among the best Filipino films of 2015. It has been screened at international filmfests: Udine Far East Film Festival, New York Asian Film Festival, Bucheon Fantasy Film Festival, Silk Screen Asian Film Festival, Hawaii International Film Festival, Five Flavours Film Film Festival, Silk Road International Film Festival.

Topnotch Filipino filmmakers have praised it.  Lav Diaz, whose Ang Babaeng Humayo (The Woman Who Left) won the Golden Lion prize at the Venice International Film Festival, said of Apocalypse Child, “Cool. Cool siya!”

In a message posted on his Facebook account, Heneral Luna writer-director Jerrold Tarog urged the public to watch Apocalypse Child, citing it as “one of the best local films ever.”

Reaffirming the movie’s must-see status is its very beautiful setting. Apocalypse Child was shot entirely in Baler which is described as a haven for surfers. elaborates, “The film doesn’t just delve into the province’s laidback surfing culture, it also gives you a glimpse at fantastic views of Canili Dam, Secret Spot, Aniao and Lindy’s Point.”

Apocalypse Child is written by Mario Cornejo and Monster Jimenez, produced by Monster Jimenez with executive producers Aurora Oreta and Michelle Dinglasan-Tomacruz. It is supported by Belo Sun Expert. For updates about the movie, like the Apocalypse Child Facebook page, check out


“Apocalypse Child” opens in select cinemas nationwide October 26, 2016 from Arkeofilms, distributed by Solar Pictures.

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