MOVIE REVIEW: The Girl on The Train (2016)

Directed by Tate Taylor

The feel of its mystery is very Gone Girl, and yes, from the structure of the story, you really can’t blame anyone for the comparison between Gone Girl and The Girl from The Train. Director Tate Taylor, who also directed the Oscar nominated film The Help, presents a complicated story in a simple and uninspired way. But thankfully, the film has Emily Blunt as its star.

The Girl on The Train is about Rachel mostly, she’s a drunk divorcee who becomes entangled in a missing persons investigation that will not only affect her life but also the family of his ex-husband.

The film is decent, it’s simple and it keeps its mystery steady from start to finish. But with all the other mystery thrillers out there including Gone GirlThe Girl on The Train falls a little short on surprises and inventive ways to tell its story, its twists. But with an effective cast led by Emily Blunt, every frame is watchable, you get to sympathize with not just Rachel, but with all the characters affected of the crime. You can hardly recognize Rebecca Ferguson in her blond hair, even casting Luke Evans is smart, given his strong look, you may already assume he’s the bad guy, but there, it tricks you with more than just its story.

It may not satisfy your thirst for effective thrilling scenes, but the film offers a sexy, fair time at the movies. And it’s not regular we see drunk women being the center of a movie, right?



3 Stars

“The Girl on the Train” is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide from United International Pictures Philippines. Rated R-16 by the MTRCB.

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