Anthony Diaz V’s “Break” is the First Hollywood Style Movie Shot in Japan

Break, written and directed by Anthony Diaz V who is also the lead star of his full feature film he called his passion project. It is a story of a young Japanese-America man who crosses the line with the underworld element in Tokyo, while dealing with his own personal struggle of being an outsider trying to fit in with the Japanese society. The story is told with the backdrop of the American and Japanese Hip-Hop & Rap scene.


This movie caters to a Global Audience while being the first Hollywood-style movie that was shot in Japan, with Japanese actors speaking in both English and Japanese.

At the young age of 15, Anthony Diaz V discovered his love for film and has since completed dozens of short films. This has given him a broad range of hands on experience through screen writing, directing, producing, acting and editing his own short films. His passion for film-making led him to enroll at the University of Las Vegas Film School, USA (UNLV) where many famous movie directors and producers have taught.

In 2012, Anthony started a film production company called Kaizen Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. In 2013, he also established Kaizen Studios Co., Ltd. in the Shibuya District in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. Now, he completed an independent Hollywood movie titled “Break” in which he, wrote, directed and acted where he uses Japan as a backdrop.He is currently in pre-production for his next film to be produced in Tokyo and is also playing the lead actor in an upcoming Gorio Vicuna film titled “Stations of the Cross” with Filipino actor Alvin Anson. Anthony Diaz V has been visiting Japan each year since the age of 8, which has greatly influenced his journey in the world of film.


His film “Break” hopes to get the recognition from film festivals around the world before its plan of a commercial release next year.

Check out the teaser trailer of Break here:

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