“Die Beautiful” Review: A Tragic But Beautiful Story

DIE BEAUTIFUL (2016) Review
Directed by Jun Robles Lana

“That is why if I’m blessed to live again, I choose to be nobody, nobody but me” Trisha Echeverria from Bahamas! Actor and host Paolo Ballesteros finally gets his starring role in a film by award-winning director Jun Robles Lana. Known for his hosting stint in Eat Bulaga and his make-up transformations of artists around the world. He’s less appreciated with his acting chops but now, finally, the long and well-deserved big screen outing as the lead star happened.

First screened abroad, Die Beautiful already got international recognition as an audience pleaser and top notch performance especially to its star Paolo Ballesteros. And after seeing the film during its Metro Manila Film Festival, there is no doubt that Paolo Ballesteros is an underrated actor that should have had more titles in his filmography. Another memorable performance here is Christian Bables as Barbs, Trisha’s (Ballesteros) bestfriend. There is nothing more you would want from the two for their outstanding performances.

Die Beautiful is a moving and beautiful story of a person who wants to live a normal life but even in his early years, he knows that he was bound for a fabulous one. But we live in  an imperfect world and not everyone agrees with what we want, because some people don’t like what they don’t understand, a reason why everyone should see Die Beautiful, because this is a look at the world of transgenders who likes to join beauty pageants.

Gays are a often seen as a laughing stock, because they are stereotyped as individuals who likes to joke, who likes to make fun of themselves and other people. But like everyone, there is more to a person than what you think of them. The story transcends the message that gay people are people, we should not separate them from the society because there is so much indifference in the world already that we should not give everyone a harder time especially those who are living decently, not bringing other people down.

It’s not the usual story of a gay person we see on TV or movies, even the storytelling is not traditional, but everything here is worth your time, from the story to the performances, from production to cinematography. Here’s a film that wants to inspire with a story that feels true to the core, an ambitious one but honest with its characters. Going through their struggles and finding ways to achieve their aspirations of becoming someone someday. It’s a tragic but beautiful story.

Writer – director Jun Lana with the screenplay from Rody Vera, made sure that the storytelling will give you something heartfelt and a character that will feel iconic, the way it was told from Barbs (Christian Bables) perception, it was like telling a story of a friend that was hardworking, loving and very special, someone that has been close to your heart and should always be remembered for being the person he was, and sharing his life with the people around him was a pleasure and will be kept forever.




“Die Beautiful” is now showing in cinemas nationwide from The IdeaFirst Company and OctoberTrain, distributed by Regal Entertainment, Inc. Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

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