“Sakaling Hindi Makarating” Review: Travel With Just The Price of a Movie Ticket

Directed by Ice Idanan

It’s the movie you would want to watch when you also want to get over someone, not just because it is about moving on from someone but because the whole film feels like a process, of getting somewhere, or rather getting nowhere.

Ice Idanan’s personal experience turned into a film is a view that must be seen. From a distance, it presents itself to its viewers a story about moving on through traveling, but it gets to be profound when its main character Cielo, pauses for a while and think of the things that has happened and is happening with her journey.

The film greatly benefits from Alessandra de Rossi’s portrayal of Cielo, you can see her effectively enjoy the trip, breathe in the pain, the happiness and most of all the loneliness in Cielo. De Rossi gets how the character is in between getting back and moving on from someone and that is the best emotional experience the film can give.

But the best feature of Sakaling Hindi Makarating is its voyage from Zambales, Marinduque, Siquijor, Pagudpod and even to the mezmerizing Batanes, shot beautifully by Idanan herself as the film’s cinematographer. If you only have less than two hours to spare but you want to travel, Sakaling Hindi Makarating can take care of that. A light moment of giving yourself a break from everything, and let Cielo take you with her soul-searching-voyage.



3.5 stars

“Sakaling Hindi Makarating” opens February 1, 2017 in select cinemas nationwide from United Productions. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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