The Best VIP Cinema in the Philippines Now Open at the Venice Grand Canal

As a movie blogger and reviewer, I’ve tried almost all the VIP Theaters or Director’s Club cinemas in the Philippines, or at least in Manila. And that specific type of cinema that offers comfortable reclining seats and personal butler services, the best one that could give you more than its great facilities are the VIP Cinemas in Uptown Bonifacio and Venice Grand Canal.

Let me take you to the Venice Cineplex VIP Cinema with photos from last Saturday’s Beauty and the Beast blocked screening event:

Cinema Lobby

The Luxurious Reclining Leather Seats that also offer a butler service with a touch of a button.

The beautiful interiors and brightly lit screen of Venice Cineplex VIP Cinema

The striking and innovative VIP Cinema, which is a signature of Megaworld Lifestyle Malls is also available in Eastwood, Lucky Chinatown, Newport and Uptown Cinemas.

Located at the 3rd floor of Venice Grand Canal, the state of the art Venice Cineplex has five world-class movie theaters, with plush and comfortable seats and equipped with the latest big screen and sound system technology that will guarantee to elevate the film viewing experience like never before.

Venice Cineplex 2 and 5 are operating in the Dolby Atmos Surround Sound System, an award winning sound program created to give an immersive experience to your movie viewing, thanks to its multidimensional sound.

The Dolby Atmos creates a dynamic audio with pinpoint clarity through 64 sound channels and by strategically placing speakers all around the audiences. The multidimensional sound realism redefines the movie experience without distracting from the action on screen, thus making Dolby Atmos theatres the optimal choice in viewing he latest blockbuster hits.

For added convenience, movie goers can also buy their movie tickets to Venice Cineplex at

Oh, and we were also treated to be the first to see Megaworld Corporation’s Summer ID. Watch it here:

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