“Power Rangers” Review: Entertaining but Lacks Power

POWER RANGERS (2017) Review
Directed by Dean Israelite

From the worldwide phenomenon of the 90s, Lionsgate together with Saban reinvent Power Rangers for today’s generation to see.

Today’s trend of young adult adaptation novels’ film adaptations is probably the inspiration of the look of Power Rangers, and while some actually made it worth a look, some failed.

Seeing who the new rangers are were okay, knowing Elizabeth Banks is playing Rita Repulsa with a costume that is far from the original was worrying, and knowing the director of the film helmed the so-so Project Almanac isn’t making the film exciting to see, but then the trailers came, and we’re probably panicking too much of this adaptation but our concerns were right in some ways.

Power Rangers movie is about five teens who doesn’t know each other and was formed together by fate to become the Power Rangers. It took longer than expected for the film to actually showcase the group kicking and having fun with their newly discovered powers but it was alright. Alright because it doesn’t feel as energetic as it could be. Imagine having powers, with a group of people who are the same age as yours in their teen years and discover together what upgrades or strengths they can explore.

The film is fun when it wants to be, but its boring film score isn’t helping. The story is decent, the stars are actually good even if seeing Elizabeth Banks do some action stunts are awkward at times and the visuals are excellent for what it wants to present. Its  main characters are really interesting and having to see them, your childhood favorites on the big screen is nothing but nostalgic.

It might not be the best superhero team movie out there, but Power Rangers has some message for seriously low standards children has today in choosing their peers. Because not only does Power Rangers has a lesbian character, but also an outsider and bilingual and an autistic who are accepted by the popular kids. All of them are misunderstood, but all of them accepted each other for the greater good.



2.5 stars

“Power Rangers” is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Pioneer Films. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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