Jerrold Tarog’s “Bliss” to Screen for Free at the UP Cine Adarna

After getting an “X” rating from the MTRCB, which means it is unfit for public exhibition. As per MTRCB, reasons for a film getting an “X” rating are:

A film shall be disapproved for public viewing if, in the judgment of the BOARD: a. The average person, applying contemporary community standards and values, would find that the dominant theme of the work, taken as a whole appeals solely to the prurient interest and satisfies only the craving for gratuitous sex and/or violence. b. The film depicts in a patently lewd, offensive, or demeaning manner, excretory functions and sexual conduct such as sexual intercourse, masturbation and exhibition of the genitals. c. The film clearly constitutes an attack against any race, creed, or religion. d. The film condones or encourages the use of illegal drugs and substances. e. The film tends to undermine the faith and confidence of the people in their government and/or duly-constituted authorities. f. The film glorifies criminals or condones crimes. g. The film is libelous or defamatory to the good name and reputation of any person, whether living or dead. h. The film may constitute contempt of court or of a quasi-judicial tribunal, or may pertain to matters which are subjudicial in nature.

Here’s the statement of the film’s production:

“We understand and respect the decision of the MTRCB reviewing committee regarding the film Bliss. We are currently going through the process of submitting an appeal for a second review and hope for a more favourable result.”

But that wouldn’t stop the film that already won an international award, the Yakushi Pearl Award for Iza Calzado at the Osaka Film Festival. A FREE public screening strictly for 18 years old and above will be held on April 3rd at the University of the Philippines Cine Adarna, Diliman, Quezon City.

“Since everybody wants a taste of Bliss…

Catch it for FREE on April 3 at the UP Cine Adarna!

Registration starts at 5PM
Doors open at 6PM
Screening at 6:30PM

First come, first served.

Note: No one under 18 years of age will be admitted. Only those who provide Valid ID with proof of birth shall be allowed to view the film.”

“Bliss” was slated to open in Philippine cinemas on May 10, 2017, but the production is still waiting for the second MTRCB review for it to actually be screened in local cinemas.

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