Advocacy Film “Maestra” Champions Human Spirit

“It’s always something to be celebrating.” This is what director Lem Lorca says on the achievements of his latest film Maestra. Winning Best Actress for Anna Luna and Best Screenplay for writer Archie del Mundo at the Five Continents International Film Festival in Venezuela is definitely worth celebrating not just for them but for us Filipinos. Another achievement for the Filipinos is another recognition of our talents, especially internationally.

Maestra 00
Writer Archie del Mundo, Director Lem Lorca, Producer Carl Balita with Iah Seraspi

But what does Maestra have that made it earn two international recognitions?

“Universal po kasi ‘yung theme. It’s about education, family, perseverance and dedication. It champions human spirit. ‘Yung pagiging competitive and commited natin sa ating profession,” says writer Archie del Mundo.

For producer Dr. Carl Balita, he identified himself to the three personalities in the film. “These are true stories. Mga educators I admire: Aya, wanting to be a teacher against all odds. Second is, ‘yung 27 times na nagte-take ng board (exams) na hindi pumasa na Aeta, but she walks 4 hours to the school. Then, the 80 years old teacher who couldn’t give up teaching. And the struggle here is how to connect these stories, how to weave a seamless story that has a diverse perspective,” says Balita.

Maestra (An Educator) is about three generations of teachers. Three stories of dedication, struggle, and inspiration interweaved. Iah, Espie, and Gennie will prove that being an educator does not end inside the four walls of their classrooms.

“Maestra” is slated to have a commercial release this coming December. For more updates, you can like their Facebook page at

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