The Rise of Black Maria Cinema – The Newest Microcinema in Metro Manila

It seems, the newest trend in Philippine cinemas today are the “microcinema.” A more intimate cinema experience where in you can watch the films that are hard to find but still has an audience.

But the newest addition to the microcinema in the Philippines offers more than just independent Filipino films, Black Maria Cinema wants to offer World Cinema.

Opened November 2017, Black Maria Cinema is an 80-square meter microcinema located at 779 San Rafael Street, SQ Film Laboratories Building, Plainview, Mandaluyong City. It’s also a production house which works on commercials, movie trailers, and music videos for 45 years now (including Cinema One Originals Festival 2015’s Best Picture, Manang Biring).

The cinema offers:

  • 30 cinema seats (to be expanded to 40; record of 90 viewers with regular chairs)
  • 20-feet silver white screen
  • 2k NEC NC900C Digital Cinema Projector
  • Doremi Showvault Cinema Server
  • 35mm Christie Projector
  • Dolby Digital 7.1 Surround Sound Processor
  • JBL Cinema Speakers powered by QSC Amplifiers (minimum 2,000 watts)

While it is a microcinema, the screen is big enough for you to still feel that you’re watching in a cinema. And as Black Maria Cinema takes pride in projecting films using DCP (Digital Cinema Package), the ones used in the cinemas rather than films that are in .mp4 format like other microcinema. It’s 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound System is also a big value for those who are still looking for an immersive cinematic experience.


Just under Black Maria Cinema is Santiago’s Cafe. A cozy cafe that serves coffee, milkshakes, pasta, sandwiches and alcoholic drinks!

Everything Santiago’s Cafe has makes watching more convenient and relaxing at Black Maria Cinema.


Because of the need for filmmakers to showcase further their works, Black Maria Cinema decided to be an alternative venue in exhibiting films that failed to score longer screening days or address the need for films that have public clamor.

This 2018, Black Maria Cinema envisions to show more films, locally and internationally, and for the audience to have more options, they will screen at least two films a day.

Watch the video below to know the history of Black Maria Cinema:


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