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“My Fairy Tail Love Story” Bends the Mermaid Story to Offer Something New

Director Perci Intalan (Dementia) is not denying that his latest movie “My Fairy Tail Love Story” is inspired by many Mermaid story, mainly Disney’s The Little Mermaid. But having to see more than enough fairy tale movies especially the ones that features mermaids, Intalan thought they had the opportunity to bend the lore of merpeople.

Watch director Perci Intalan answer what’s the difference of My Fairy Tail Love Story to other mermaid movies:

The film stars Janella Salvador as Chantel, Elmo Magalona as Noah, Kiko Estrada as DJ Ethan and Kiray Celis as Missy.14 My Fairy Tail Love Story

“My Fairy Tail Love Story” opens in Philippine cinemas February 14, 2018 from The IdeaFirst Company and Regal Entertainment, Inc.

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