“My Fairy Tail Love Story” Review: A Different Ever After

Directed by Perci Intalan

“I need a knight in shining armor to say ‘be my fairy tale.'”

Mermaid stories quite share the same formula, the same pattern and mostly ends the same way but Perci Intalan’s My Fairy Tail Love Story finds a different ever after for its Filipino mermaid story that is unexpected.

The film, while admittedly inspired by mermaid movies such as The Little Mermaid can actually be called an original story. For it only has the mermaid element and the rest is formed in a very Filipino and millennial story that is easy to digest.

The story is simple, it flows simple but the way it was shot, it was framed, you can’t help but be amazed of its visuals. From the beach, to the city and especially underwater, everything was pleasing to the eyes.

Speaking of pleasing to the eyes, Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador looked radiant as Noah and Chantel. Their chemistry here is undeniable and really is what the film offers the best. We’re always a sucker for stories that feature the guy best friend who’s in love with the girl for a very long time. The dynamics of Salvador and Magalona’s characters are impeccable from start to finish.

While Salvador might be the main character of the film, what everything holds emotionally is how Noah’s love for Chantel will become, what it can do for them both and what the sacrifices he can do in order to be with the one he truly loves. It could’ve been more compelling if it was Noah’s character we’re following in the movie. We might get a more emotional climax and clearer motives to follow.

But everything here is pleasant. Even the supporting characters like Kiko Estrada and Kiray Celis had their chance to have their moments. But most of all, the film, while set in the Philippines, will take you on a journey of friendship and romance that is rarely seen on movies.

My Fairy Tail Love Story is definitely a magical adventure. It will take us to a different ever after even popular fairy tales can’t imagine. And the lesson is still and will always be: follow your heart even if it takes you to unconventional places. Because love, although it doesn’t make sense, will complete you.

14 My Fairy Tail Love Story


3.5 stars

“My Fairy Tail Love Story” opens in cinemas February 14, 2018 from The IdeaFirst Company and Regal Entertainment. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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