“My 2 Mommies” Review: Paolo Ballesteros Proves Versatility in Funny & Heartwarming Movie

MY 2 MOMMIES (2018) Review
Directed by Eric Quizon

We know him because of his make-up transformations and the ability to pull-off grand costumes and gowns but Paolo Ballesteros does more in My 2 Mommies. He makes Mother’s Day a Father’s Day for portraying a gay father to his biological son with finesse.

The film tells the story of a discreet gay who has a partner but suddenly learns that he is a father of a 7-year old boy. It may be the perfect formula for a Filipino family comedy  movie, but what the film does is focus more on the relationship of the father and the son, not making it a funny story but rather a heartwarming one.

Eric Quizon made Joey Reyes’ story a good big screen directorial comeback for him. Yes, it still has some Filipino family comedy antics but the message of the film was clear and heartfelt. The film gives what you want from it, entertainment and family values.

With My 2 Mommies, it’s clear that Paolo Ballesteros does not need to put on over-the-top costumes and make up to touch your hearts and make you laugh. All he needs is a relatable character he can effectively portray. Such a heartwarming and charming movie for all genders.

The film wouldn’t work as much as it did if not for the effective portrayal of a strict mom Solenn Heussaff and the smart and loving son Marcus Cabais. Ms. Maricel Soriano steals the scene whenever her presence is there. And Joem Bascon feels like the most mature character in the film, it seems he knows how to handle everything his character does in the film.

9 My 2 Mommies


3.5 stars

“My 2 Mommies” is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Regal Entertainment, Inc. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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