TOFARM Film Festival Officially Unveils 7 Entries for 2018

May 29, 2018, the official entries of the 3rd Edition of the TOFARM Film Festival have been announced at the Novotel Hotel, Quezon City.

Unlike the first two editions which only has six entries, this year now includes seven full length entries.

Here are the seven official entries of the TOFARM Film Festival 2018:

  1. 1957. A historical drama written and directed by Hubert Tibi.

The film tells the story of a group of farmers in Bicol who are at the mercy of Don Pepe, a strict landlord. 20 year-old Lucio, son of a former member of the Hukbalahap, pins hopes in the arrival of President Ramon Magsaysay in their area, for genuine land reform to take place.

  1. ALIMUOM. Science fiction film written and directed by Keith Sicat.

A futuristic Philippines with specific sections of the country under individual bio-domes. The OFWs are actually Outerspace Filipino Workers and the song Bahay Kubo is a distant memory that makes a young boy ask: “Ano ang singkamas?”

  1. FASANG. Period romance movie written by Charlson Ong.

Based on the classic Philippine short story Tanabata’s Wife, set in the 1920s, which will also feature a Japanese actor. Tanabata-San is a successful Japanese immigrant farmer in La Trinidad Valley in Baguio, where the Japanese have been known to pioneer the planting of salad greens. Middle-aged and lonely, he hires a young feisty Bontoc woman, Fasang, as farmhand, and falls in love with her. They get married and have a son, but Fasang is attracted to the city lights of the Baguio that is now taking shape, and to someone else.

  1. ISANG KWENTONG GUBAT (THE LEONARD CO STORY). A biopic written by Rosalie Matilac and directed by Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil, Rosalie Matilac and Milo Paz.

A biopic and homage to the great Filipino botanist slain together with a guide and forest ranger in the forest Kanangga, Leyte; government troops claimed they were caught in a crossfire between military and the NPA, but two of the survivors said there was no gunfighting and that they were apparently mistaken to be NPAs.

  1. LOLA IGNA. A cultural drama written and directed by Eduardo Roy, Jr.

Set in Sagada, Lola Igna is 115 years old. Will she get to be the Guinness Book of Records’ oldest living person and become a tourist attraction to benefit the farming community close to the cliff of the hanging coffins? What will her possible winning or losing do to the warring factions of her immediate family?

  1. MGA ANAK NG KAMOTE. A futuristic drama written by John Carlo Pacala and directed by Carlo Catu.

Set in the Philippines in 2052, when the planting of kamote has been outlawed and those caught planting and selling kamote is put in jail, no thanks to the Kamote Planting Regulation Act.

  1. SOL SEARCHING. A dark comedy written and directed by Roman Perez, Jr.

Teacher Sol is dead and cannot be buried because there are no funds. How will the community come forward to put her to rest, this strict and no-nonsense teacher of grade school students and farmers who need to be taught scientific farming methods?

The TOFARM Film Festival 2018 will happen on September 12 – 18 at select cinemas.

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