Ella Cruz, Donnalyn Bartolome Physically and Emotionally Challenged in “Cry No Fear”

From Richard Somes, the writer and director of Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang comes a new drama thriller featuring dance royalty Ella Cruz and social media sweetheart Donnalyn Bartolome in Cry No Fear.

Cry No Fear 0
Donnalyn Bartolome, director Richard Somes, Ella Cruz at the Cry No Fear Media Conference

A suspense-thriller film about two half-sisters who totally hate each other. Kaycee and Wendy are always at each other’s throat. But when they were left alone in their house amidst a storm, with intruders trying to kill them, they have no choice but become partners and try to escape.

The film is not only physically challenging for the two lead stars but it also challenged them emotionally. They did their own stunts, do heavy scenes under the rain and more.

Watch below how Cry No Fear stars Ella Cruz and Donnalyn Bartolome share the challenges of filming their movie:

“Cry No Fear” opens in Philippine cinemas June 20 from VIVA Films.

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