Arjo Atayde is Fun and Loose in ”Tol’

It’s rare we see character actors for comedy films. Most materials only showcase drama while some, go extreme and do literally crazy roles.

Arjo Atayde got the dream role he wanted in Miko Livelo’s hilarious barkada adventure comedy ‘Tol. “Dream role” because while he was thankful to all the roles he had done before, his favorite genre really is comedy.

Check out the trailer of ‘Tol below so you can see how different Arjo Atayde is in the film:

He looks like he’s enjoying his role while being effective at it. And this type of film isn’t done usually anymore. When we do comedy films, they’re mostly slapstick. Arjo proved that he can do both drama and comedy whether in TV or in movies.

Can’t wait to see him on Ice Idanan’s Stranded which will be released in months by Regal Entertainment, Inc.

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