‘Hanggang Kailan?’ Showcases Xian Lim, Louise delos Reyes Acting Chops

It’s a film about two persons from start to finish. That needs actors that has the charm and acting capabilities to engage the audience for at least two hours. Luckily, Xian Lim and Louise delos Reyes pulled it off in ‘Hanggang Kailan?’

A breakup movie. What if your anniversary trip abroad is shockingly, your last trip together with your “happy pill”? All of the emotions: passion, love, anger, hate, fear, hope rolled into the last days of being together.

It’s a heartbreaking film to witness, all the dreams of being together in the future vanishes, all the hopes of having more time with each other disappears. Director Bona Fajardo tells this breakup story in the beautiful, serene setting of Saga, Japan.

Xian Lim and Louise delos Reyes manage to be effective with their chemistry and roles even if it’s their first time to be paired up.

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