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EBC Films Gears Up for ‘Guerrero Dos: Tuloy Ang Buhay’

After a warm reception and getting international awards, EBC Films announced that Carlo Ortega Cuevas’ Guerrero will have a sequel currently titled ‘Guerrero Dos: Tuloy Ang Laban.’

This was declared during the victory party of EBC Films. The said sequel will follow the story of Miguel Guerrero. Present at the story conference are PMPC Best Child Actor Julio Sabemorio, Genesis Gomez, Mia Suarez, veteran actor and director Art de Guzman and writer and director Carlo Ortega Cuevas.

Guerrero Dos

Get to know more about ‘Guerrero Dos: Tuloy Ang Laban’ in our video below:

Also celebrated during the victory party is the success of EBC Films’ second offering ‘Hapi ang Buhay The Musical.’ 

Hapi ang Buhay

EBC Films promises to continue in offering inspirational and value-based films.

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