Globe Studios’ Upcoming Movie ‘Dead Kids’ from Director Mikhail Red is a Genre Bender

Dead Kids 00
Dead Kids cast Vance Larena, Sue Ramirez, Jan Silverio, Kelvin Miranda and Khalil Ramos with director Mikhail Red

You might be wondering why are the cast of Mikhail Red’s heist thriller wearing clothes from the Spanish era, is it a period movie? No, we were present at the last shooting day of ‘Dead Kids’ and they were shooting a school play scene. Which was mentioned in the teaser so it’s not actually a spoiler.

Mikhail Red’s name have been very visible in the local and international scene. From his first horror film ‘Eerie’ which was the first co-production of Star Cinema with a foreign film outfit, to bagging the Focus Asia Award at the Hong Kong Asian Film Financing Forum for the film ‘The Grandstand,’ to making a new zombie movie under Star Cinema with Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto, Maris Racal, McCoy de Leon, Ian Veneracion and Ina Raymundo. Clearly, the young director is restless these days.

But what is his latest film ‘Dead Kids’ about?

“Isa na ‘tong Dead Kids na dream film ko talaga. Diba heist and kidnapping pero high school parang sobrang hip and yet kahit papaano may social commentary pa rin,” director Mikhail Red shares. “Ang Dead Kids parang pinapakita ko na what happens when these very privileged kids na sarado ang perspective, what happens when they clash with the real world and the real society. Ano ‘yung consequences ng actions nila?” he continues when asked about the film’s social commentary.

“Genre bender siya. So parang, ang dami ko kasing nakikitang barkadang movie na naka-focus sa coming-of-age and ‘yung character development, ‘eto kasi may mga conflict dito na higher ‘yung stakes. So parang barkada, coming-of-age siya pero may mga elements na naga-add ng excitement. ‘Yun nga, may heist, may kidnapping, may third act, may school play. Basta marami pang additional na conflict, hindi lang siya ‘yung the usual barkada movie,” director Mikhail Red on why people should see Dead Kids.

‘Dead Kids’ is expected to arrive later this year from Globe Studios. Starring Kelvin Miranda, Sue Ramirez, Khalil Ramos, Vance Larena, Gabby Padilla and introducing Jan Silverio. Directed by Mikhail Red.

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