The Good & The Bad Side of Being an Overseas Filipino Worker in ‘OFW The Movie’

There have been a lot of OFW or Overseas Filipino Workers movie that have been released. Most of them tackle the struggles of working far from home and the maltreatment the characters are getting from their employers. Some also take us to the good sides of being an OFW, the perks of having to travel and the friends we meet along the way.

Showing the good and the bad side of being an overseas Filipino worker is what OFW The Movie is all about.

OFW The Movie
Kakai Bautista and Sylvia Sanchez of ‘OFW The Movie’

The film stars Ms. Sylvia Sanchez with Kakai Bautista, Rafael Rosell, Christian Vasquez, Diane Medina, Uno Santiago, Dave Bornea, John Regala, Mel Kimura, Regine Angeles, Helga Krapf, Kate Brios and Mark Neumann.

Based on true stories.

The film is about five Filipino overseas contract workers that lives tell a plot contrary to what is perceived as the sunny side of life and the work abroad in rose-colored glasses. While most films about OFWs talk about the misfortunes of our countrymen, this film shall depict numerous OFW stories that take in positivity and incontroveritibility. OFW THE MOVIE is a portrayal of different stories of Filipino overseas workers and their families thye leave behind, as they seek greener pastures and better opportunities in foreign lands – which, despite the hardships, the resiliency of the Filipino spirit and the virtue of self-sacrifice to provide a better future for their loved ones shine through.


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‘OFW THE MOVIE’ is from Active Media Events Productions, directed by Neal “Buboy” Tan. In cinemas soon.

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