David Licauco Confesses He’s a Fan of Romance Movies

During the pocket bloggers’ conference for Kapuso actor David Licauco, confesses that he’s a sucker for romance movies. When asked what genre he prefers for watching movies, he shares that as a guy, he oddly dozes off at some action movies (he mentioned Aquaman) and shares that he is naturally just excited at romance movies.

Because I Love You David Licauco
David Licauco at ‘Because I Love You’ Pocket Blogcon

So we asked him what are his top 5 romance movies of all time?

At the top of his head, he shares, “The Notebook’ number one, ‘A Walk to Remember,’ I also like ‘No Strings Attached,’ ‘A Lot Like Love’ and ‘Dear John.”

Who would have thought that a hunky guy like David Licauco likes to watch chick flicks? But for him, maybe that’s why he’s destined to be an actor. Because he likes films that touches his heart and he can go giddy while watching.

Speaking of romance movies, he stars in the upcoming romance comedy movie from ALV Films and Garahe Films with Shaira Diaz titled ‘Because I Love You.’ This is the first time the two will be paired on the big screen after being together in an episode of ‘Magpakailanman’ and in the digital series ‘One Hugot Away.’

Shaira Diaz David Licauco Because I Love You

Here’s the official synopsis of ‘Because I Love You’:

Do opposites really attract? Can sparks fly between two totally contrasting characters coming from totally disparate backgrounds? The chinito heartthrob David Licauco plays Rael, the cool, quiet and reserved executive and heir to his family’s business empire, whose conservative roots have shaped him into stereotyped thinking, including matters of the heart. Shaira Diaz plays Summer, the tenacious, street-smart firefighter who proudly continues her departed dad’s heroic legacy, much to the chagrin of her mom who wishes her to be a flight attendant or a beauty queen. But just how do they cross paths? And who falls for the other first?

26 Because I Love You

‘Because I Love You’ opens in cinemas June 26, 2019 from ALV Films, Garahe Films and distrubuted by Regal Entertainment, Inc. Directed by Joel Lamangan.

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