David Licauco, Shaira Diaz Show Undeniable Chemistry in ‘Because I Love You’

New love teams that work on screen well doesn’t come as often these days. Sometimes, producers gamble on two individuals to work their magic together to have a chemistry. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

But with the stars of ‘Because I Love You’ David Licauco and Shaira Diaz, their chemistry on the big screen is undeniable.

Shaira Diaz David Licauco Because I Love You

The film, directed by Joel Lamangan is a romantic comedy movie that is also sort of a fairy tale-like. A guy who has it all, even the perfect girl friend, and a girl who isn’t actually looking for love but was unfortunate to have met the wrong person to show affection with. But thankfully, destiny has its ways to give the two the right time and the right moment to realize that they’re meant for each other.

For their big screen debut, Shaira Diaz and David Licauco doesn’t give the newbie vibes in terms of acting. Shaira has this Manila girl charm that goes for what she wants, while David Licauco has that mysterious look girls would want to get to know more. I also like how David looks when his character gets ‘kilig,’ it looked authentic like he really is feeling it.

I don’t know about you but the two deserves more projects together. Let them enjoy the teenybopper roles for a while, it looks like they could offer more.

26 Because I Love You

‘Because I love You’ is now showing in cinemas nationwide from ALV Films, Garahe Films and Regal Entertainment, Inc. Special thanks to GMA Artist Center for inviting us to the red carpet premiere. Check our video interviews below:

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