‘Still Human’ Review: A Reminder that Love is Universal

STILL HUMAN (2018) Review
Directed by Oliver Siu Kuen Chan

OFWs, loneliness, family, love and being open and understanding to others – these are the themes ‘Still Human’ tackle. But are they too much that the film can’t tell a decent story? Not at all.

When a hardworking and college graduate Filipina gets to be hired by a stubborn and loner Hongkonger, things get awkward and difficult. Not just because of the language barrier but also because of the culture and both ends have their issues they carry. But the two don’t have choices, so they must deal with each other and settle their differences because they need each other.

It’s a simple story told in the simplest way but the charm, the fun, the chemistry of the two and the sincerity of the characters and how the story was told, Still Human is worth watching. It’s affecting, the positivity the film shows makes you smile, inspires you become better for other people especially your loved ones.

‘Still Human’ like 2013 Singaporean film Ilo-Ilo, shows the passion Filipinos have for our families and how hospitable and caring we are for the people that are important to us. There are a lot of lessons we can learn from the film that many of us, not just Filipinos can use.

The film revolves around love. We do things for love and we create and share love because of love. Anthony Wong and Crisel Consunji make a good pair, giving an undeniable chemistry that may go beyond the employee-employer relationship. It’s a heartfelt story told wonderfully.

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4.5 stars

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