‘Mina-Anud’ Review: A Wild, Fun Ride

MINA-ANUD (2019) Review
Directed by Kerwin Go

I’ve seen the film twice as of writing. First as the closing film of Cinemalaya and second at its celebrity premiere. And all I can say is that I still enjoyed the second viewing. Mina-Anud is that rare Filipino film released commercially with contents that are rich and worth talking about after seeing it.

It’s a wild, fun ride, getting to know the characters and their journey, and being able to enjoy a crime dramedy this much is weird but satisfying. It’s definitely not the usual story we see on the big screen, when stories about drugs are tackled, they’re usually really serious and dirty. But Mina-Anud takes us  to a different path in treating its themes and does it successfully.

I’m not familiar with director Kerwin Go’s works but I felt his personality in Mina-Anud. The grit and the rawness perfectly fit how the film is showcased. And Dennis Trillo, Jerald Napoles and Matteo Guidicelli’s characters felt like they were tailor-made for them.

What made Mina-Anud different from movies about drugs is that the entertainment value is high. Not just because it tackles it lightly that it’s a comedy, but also because of the flow of the story. It doesn’t have a boring moment, you’ll just enjoy every bit of it. But do not think that Mina-Anud won’t have anything bad for its viewers, it still shows drug use, and what’s great about it is that it still shows the consequences of dealing with illegal drugs.

Mina-Anud may not be for everyone, but saying you’ll enjoy it more than you expected is an understatement. You’ll definitely have your money and time’s worth.

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‘Mina-Anud’ opens August 21, 2019 from Regal Entertainment, HOOQ and EPIC Media. Rated R-16 by the MTRCB.

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