Sue Ramirez, RK Bagatsing Play daring Roles in the Romance Film ‘Cuddle Weather’

“This is the most fearless role that I’ve taken on,” says Sue Ramirez in the upcoming movie Cuddle Weather, in which she plays a prostitute. The said film is an official entry to the upcoming Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino or PPP.


The movie released a very intriguing poster and teaser that it became a trending topic. The poster shows Sue and RK in a very suggestive and daring position, which immediately gives an idea what the movie is about. This is not surprising because the movie tackles a sensitive topic but which also exists in the community. 

In the movie, Sue and co-star RK Bagatsing portray characters who are in the prostitution industry. 

“I am a sex worker here. Kasama ko dito si RK Bagatsing,” explains Sue. 


But despite the seriousness of the film’s subject, it falls under the romantic-comedy genre. This is a first for Sue, who is known for maintaining a wholesome image, and will take on a daring role for the first time. 


“It’s a different side of me. It’s something that I’m afraid of, but kinagat ko and kapag nandon ka na, you’re gonna have that urge to do well at it. Kasi kapag may mga tinanggap akong bagay sa buhay ko, gusto ko fight ako talaga, as in…” 

Since she and RK are portraying prostitutes, it is inevitable that they need to do love scenes. Sue admits that she felt nervous with these scenes. Fortunately, RK acted like a true gentleman and made her feel comfortable. 


“Si RK is super gentleman. Hindi ako nakaramdam ng ilang. I feel safe around RK, so that’s a great partnership pag nagtatrabaho kayo. You have to be really comfortable. You have to feel safe with each other. Meron nga si Ram, his character, na shower scenes tapos pinapanood sya ng character ko.” 


Asked how much she is willing to bare, Sue replies, “As far as they need me and as far as Star Magic will allow me. But the character of the movie, maganda ang journey ni Adela Johnson. Mararamdaman ng mga makakapanood nito ang kilig at ang pagiging strong and ang weakness ni Adela, because sila din ay may marupok na puso.” 


In the movie Sue and RK play escorts and tackles the lives of the people in this industry. 


“Kinikuwento sa pelikula nito paano ba sila mabuhay sa panahong ito. Nai-in love ba sila?” 



Sue also takes pride in the movie because of its brilliant story: a serious and socially relevant issue told in a comedy. “It’s funny, it’s very witty, it’s not your typical hugot film, hindi lang huhugot, babaon pa sa inyong mga puso” she beams. 


RK Bagatsing, who is part of the top rating teleserye in ABS-CBN now, is happy to be chosen to play the role. “Ito, masasabi ko na kakaiba sa ginagawa ko on television. Making a movie like Cuddle Weather, portaying a role as a sex worker, bagong experience, hindi palaging may ganito.”


On the process before shooting the film, “Nag-aral kami ng buhay nila, paano sila magmahal sa kabila ng paghuhusga ng mga tao sa paligid nila. Nakausap namin ‘yung mga totoong tao at respeto ang maibibgay namin sa kanila. Ito din ‘yung gusto namin ipahatid sa mga tao.”


“My first reason in making this film is to examine sex, its beauty and tragedy, through a love story of two sex workers who don’t make love until the latter part of the film” director and writer of ‘hugot’ books, Rod Marmol shares.

“Lastly, I believe that with the advent of dating apps and websites, the current generation is the most sexually-active. However, we remain to be the loneliest and least responsible. It is high time to scrutinize the inverse correlation of intimacy and happiness and there are no better characters to face that question than those who are experts at sex”, he adds.

Cuddle Weather Digital Poster - Copy PPP

Cuddle Weather is produced by Regal Entertainment, Inc., and line produced by Project 8 San Joaquin for Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2019.

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