Jean Garcia is a Cold-Blooded Killer in ‘Watch Me Kill’

Ako po dito si Luciana, isa siyang contract killer. So ang trabaho niya po ay pumatay nang may bayad. Hindi siya pumapatay nang dahil gusto niya lang pumatay kundi bayaran siya, binabayaran siya para pumatay. Si Luciana po, ang kanyang character, siya po ay walang emosyon na tao. Hindi siya nakikisalamuha kahit kanino, wala siyang kaibigan, wala siyang pakialam sa mga tao sa paligid niya at sa mga nangyayari sa paligid niya. Basta ang importante lang kay Luciana ay ang sarili niya, ang trabaho niya na ang pagpatay kasi babayaran siya. ‘Yun lang po ang everyday life na ginagawa ni Luciana.”

That’s how veteran actress Jean Garcia described her character in Tyrone Arcierto’s drama thriller ‘Watch Me Kill.’

Watch Me Kill is Tyrone Acierto’s second feature film, which used the classic 16mm negative film camera. The film also stars Jay Manalo, Junyka Santarin, Althea Vega, and Rodolfo Muyuela.

It tells the story of an assassin (Jean Garcia) who is in the middle of a kill when she finds out that her target is in the company of a young girl. When she finally completes her mission, she lets the girl flee but eventually takes her in and watches over her. As she takes on killing jobs with the little girl in tow, she begins to question her purpose.

Jean also talked about how her character treated the young girl which is played by Junyka Santarin, which she apologized for. But the Santarin understood that it is all work and for the betterment of their film.

Watch our coverage of the ‘Watch Me Kill’ mini-presscon below:

‘Watch Me Kil’ is an official entry to the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino Year 3. Opening in cineams September 13 from CineBandits Entertainment and distributed by VIVA Films.

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