‘Cuddle Weather’ Review: Loneliness, Attraction and Ambition

CUDDLE WEATHER (2019) Review
Directed by Rod Marmol

I don’t know what it is about movies with characters that are lonely and sad but they just interest me so much. Maybe because being lonely is one of our most vulnerable states and there’s an unexplainable emptiness that visits me every now and then. That being said, Rod Marmol’s sexy romance film captures that genuine loneliness a person can feel in the character of Adela Johnson, played by Sue Ramirez.

Loneliness. For the most part of the film, Adela Johnson (Sue) has this invisible barriers that she keeps, not letting anyone in. It’s lonely, I felt that but it also made me feel the comfort of being lonely. There’s just this energy that builds in her character, keeping me interested on what’s going on inside her head, wanting to know more about Adela and what she thinks of life and of herself. And that part unfolds in a somewhat heartbreaking way because she doesn’t think of herself as someone special, someone who deserves comfort, someone who deserves love.

Attraction. Unexpected, like every good romantic stories are, the girl meets the guy in their most unexpected way. Ram (RK Bagatsing) finds the lonely but well-rounded to their profession Adela and seeks for her assistance to have him trained. Physically, the two are perfect. You have a naive and charming guy and a strong woman who’s not just beautiful but also smart. The two eventually will be attracted to one another. And they did. But with their set up, is it the best for them?

Ambition. A relationship won’t fully work if the ones involved aren’t on the same page.  Having in the business of selling your bodies for pleasure, things obviously won’t work if there are feelings involved.

I loved how the film really delved into Adela’s loneliness. I can feel it, and at times those loneliness lead to sadness. But the film tackles it lightly, it has these two charismatic and well-acted characters that genuinely portrays their controversial characters. Sue Ramirez is just great. Showing how versatile she is as an actress. And RK Bagatsing easily shifts from being charming to being dramatic.

The film is bold enough to tackle characters that are not often shown on screen. To show that they are more than their work, they’re more than their looks. And presenting a story like this without revealing too much body parts, but can still pull off a steamy scene, it’s a triumph. Cuddle Weather shows that we all need someone who genuinely cares for us at the end of a tiring day and that we need to believe more in ourselves. Because we deserve it.

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3.5 stars

‘Cuddle Weather’ opens September 13 in Philippine cinemas from Regal Entertainment, Inc, Project 8 Corner San Joaquin Projects and the Film Development Council of the Philippines. Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

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