‘Joker’ Review: Setting the Stage for the Anti-Hero

JOKER (2019) Review
Directed by Todd Phillips

One of the most anticipated movies of the year has its pros and cons. Hiring Joaquin Phoenix to be the titular Clown Prince of Crime in this crime drama thriller based on the characters of DC Comics is the best decision the production made.

The film is showcased as an acting piece, from having a troubled life to being a troubled character. We always know Joker as Batman’s villain, we hardly know his origins and what his intentions are coming from. In here, we get to know more, and even have some unexpected twists that’s not in the comics. That’s welcome for me as it’s already disclosed that the film won’t fully follow the story lines from its source material.

Talking about the film, if not for Phoenix’s impeccable performance and the film’s terrific cinematography and build up, Joker would just be a plain movie about a crazy clown with a gun. Not that I’m saying it’s bad, it’s just that the narrative seems ordinary.

But the film has a solid build up, setting Joker as the poor man’s hero. There’s drama and tension, and you’re really going to focus your attention to Phoenix’s acting, an Oscar nomination wouldn’t be surprising at all.

The violence in the film is also shocking at times. It does not go to a level that it looks and feels disturbing but the actions are appropriately for its madman lead.

I just wished that the story has more depth and is more engaging. The character have been used too many times to too many movies and his solo outing should go out with a bang. Though I like that it’s a personal approach to the character, it still feels like there’s something missing. There’s no denying Joker would do Joaquin Phoenix a boost in his career but maybe also go for the best story and screenplay or best picture, not just the best actor.

3 Joker


3.5 stars

‘Joker’ is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Warner Bros Pictures, also available in IMAX (2D). Rated R-16 without cuts by the MTRCB.

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  1. Phoenix is a magnificent author and I’ve always enjoyed movies he’s starred in. This is a movie I’d sort of like to watch. Forgive the writers for how, as you mentioned, disappointing the narrative turned out to be. I’m sure people with write better in the coming future.

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