‘Isa Pa With Feelings’ Review: Beautiful in All Aspects

Directed by Prime Cruz

We have more stories to tell. Even if it’s a romance movie, there are still fresh stories that needs to be told and that should be seen by many. Prime Cruz’s ‘Isa Pa With Feelings’ is a proof to that.

I’ve been following Prime Cruz’s works ever since his first movie ‘Sleepless’ with Glaiza de Castro and Dominic Roco. I may not be a fan of some of his works but he’s consistent in having some of the most beautifully-shot films in Philippine cinema. And ‘Isa Pa With Feelings’ isn’t an exception to that.

My eyes were always glued to the screen. Every now and then, I say, “ang ganda ng visuals, ng shots, ang ganda ng framing.” Because the film really is beautiful to look at and those scenes where there are no dialogues or sounds, the images just immerse you with the atmosphere, with the feel of the scenes. I love that every scene made me feel something.

I haven’t seen this kind of story in Philippine cinema recently. And introducing the world of the deaf, not just the people but also how it is to be like them. But I think the most important message is that they’re still like us who has hearing. They do the same things we do everyday and they also want to be heard and understood especially about their feelings.

Carlo Aquino does his role with flying colors. It looks and feels like he is deaf. And his acting here feels like a new Carlo Aquino, like I’ve never seen him before. And as a follower of Maine Mendoza, I’m just happy she landed this role. It’s perfect for her, she is Mara. I can feel her pain from her problems professionally and in love. But like Mara, Maine is also a fighter.

‘Isa Pa With Feelings’ has top-notch acting, direction and visuals, and this is Black Sheep’s most affecting film to date. Even the quiet scenes are screaming with emotions. It’s just beautiful in every aspect and worthy of your time and money.

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‘Isa Pa With Feelings’ is now showing in cinemas from Black Sheep and APT Entertainment. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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