Matteo Guidicelli is Pedro Penduko in 2020 Movie ‘Penduko’

October 22, 2019, VIVA Films and Epik Studios launch the much-awaited film ‘Penduko’ with a new star to lead the film.

Matteo Guidicelli Pedro Penduko 00
Photographed by Artu Nepomuceno, styled by David Milan and grooming by Peps Silvestre

Matteo Guidicelli (Mina-Anud, Bagani) is chosen to play the title role of Pedro Penduko and has been undergoing training for the action scenes required by the film. Matteo’s recent training as an elite scout ranger with the Armed Forces of the Philippines will truly be of use in this action film. Matteo is a popular actor who has appeared in several movies, TV series and is also a top VIVA Recording artist.

The film will be written and directed by awar-winning and sought-after director and writer, Jason Paul Laxamana who is responsible for hits like ‘100 Tula Para Kay Stella,’ ‘The Day After Valentines’ and ‘Just a Stranger.’

Director Laxamana’s vision for ‘Penduko’ is to reintroduce the character to the current generation and use Penduko as a platform to explore Filipino martial arts, culture and folklore.

Matteo Guidicelli Pedro Penduko 02
Matteo Guidicelli is Pedro Penduko in ‘Penduko’
Matteo Guidicelli Pedro Penduko 01
‘Penduko’ fight director Sonny Sison, writer and director Jason Paul Laxamana, Matteo Guidicelli and VIVA Head Vincent del Rosario

Filming will start this November and the movie is due for release in 2020.

Watch our video coverage of the announcement below:

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