Jay Altarejos Returns to Sinag Maynila Film Festival with ‘Walang Kasarian ang Digmang Bayan’

After ‘TPO’ in 2016, ‘Tale of the Lost Boys’ in 2018 and ‘Jino to Mari’ in 2019, writer and director Joselito “Jay” Altarejos returns to the Sinag Maynila Film Festival this 2020 with the political drama ‘Walang Kasarian ang Digmang Bayan.’

On the set of Walang Kasarian ang Digmang Bayan
Joselito Altarejos on the set of ‘Walang Kasarian ang Digmang Bayan.’

Walang Kasarian ang Digmang Bayan (The Revolution Knows No Gender) chronicles the journey of filmmaker, Paolo, played by Oliver Aquino, from being an activist to becoming a revoulutionary fighter. As Paolo goes through his life, he takes us with him to the current social and political situations plaguing the country. Like his countrymen, Paolo, becomes a victim, not only of the repressive and oppressive government, but of the current system of production. As he ponders his life, he becomes a child, a kin, an artist, and eventually, a fighter of the revolutionary movement.

The film stars Oliver Aquino with Sandino Martin, Arnold Reyes, Rita Avila, Ruby Ruiz, Iana Bernardez, Manu Garcia and more. Written, produced and directed by by Jay Altarejos for 2076Kolektib, Harlene Baustista for Likhang Silangan Entertainment, Wilson Tieng and Brillante Mendoza for Sinag Maynila 2020.

The Sinag Maynila Film Festival runs from 17 March to 24 March 2020 in select cinemas.

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