One of Taiwan’s Highest-Grossing Romance Films ‘More Than Blue’ to Screen in PH Cinemas

One of Taiwan’s highest-grossing films, MORE THAN BLUE, is here to make you fall in love and cry your heart out.

MORE THAN BLUE is about Chang a.k.a K (Jasper Liu), a terminally-ill guy and his best friend, Song a.k.a Cream (Ivy Chen). They have been friends for many years, and have been living at the same house without any romantic relations. But in reality, K has been in love with Cream since high school. Not wanting Cream to be lonely when he dies, K decides to help her find Mr. Right. But can K bear to see the love of his life happy with another man? Is this what Cream really wants? To be happy with another man without her best friend?


MORE THAN BLUE is a remake of the 2009 South Korean film of the same title. It was first released in Taiwan on November 2018 and earned NT$32 million on the first three days. Nine days since its release, the film passed the NT$100 million mark, breaking the box office speed record of the hit Taiwanese film “Our Times”, which broke the NT$100 million in 10 days. By the 11th day of release, the film already made NT$135 million and became the highest-grossing Taiwanese film of 2018.


The movie also received a warm response in the 23rd Busan International Film Festival held last October 2018. The film’s 5,000 tickets in the festival were sold out within five minutes, and Jasper Liu and Ivy Chen won the “Face of Asia” award.


The film’s main cast, Jasper Liu and Ivy Chen are both Taiwan’s in-demand and award-wining actors. 33 year-old Jasper Liu started out as a model before he ventured into acting in 2011. Since then, he has become one of Taiwan’s most prominent actors. Last year, on his birthday last August 12, Jasper released the full version of the theme song of MORE THAN BLUE entitled A Kind of Sorrow and marked his debut as a solo singer.

Ivy Chen started her career in 2002, appearing in many commercials and music videos. In 2010, she received her first Best Actress award at the 12th Taipei Awards for her performance in the romantic comedy film “Hear Me”. Since then, she has received several nominations for her performances in different movies.


In MORE THAN BLUE, Jasper Liu and Ivy Chen had a perfect chemistry that made the movie more heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.

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Catch the MORE THAN BLUE fever when it opens on February 26 in SM Cinemas nationwide. Presented to you by VIVA International Pictures.

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