‘The Mitchells vs The Machines’ Review: Delightfully entertaining

Directed by Michael Rianda

There haven’t been a lot of animated films lately. Largely because of the pandemic and the ones that have been released are kind of leaning to awards’ worthy stories. I’m not saying that they were not good, it’s just that the variety of family entertainment haven’t been as bountiful as pre-pandemic times. And some of these films are surprisingly worth watching, an escape to our daily lives. That ended when Sony and Netflix released The Mitchells vs The Machines.

The animation is amazing. The humor? Hilarious! And the story is packed enough to present fast-paced family adventure and the father-and-daughter drama. If anyone would ask me what was the last movie I have watched that I can recommend? It’s definitely The Mitchells vs The Machines.

You can watch it with anyone. It’s the perfect movie to stream at home with the family during quarantine. And with its colorful visuals and upbeat musical score, our eyes and ears will have the best 114 minutes.

Am I overselling much? But the thing is, if you haven’t seen the film yet, you’re totally missing out on something that’s big visually and emotionally. A total experience that makes you want to watch it again after seeing it for the first time.


‘The Mitchells vs The Machines’ is now streaming on Netflix from Sony Pictures Animations.

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