‘Dito at Doon’ sequel on the way?

If you think that the ending of JP Habac’s Dito at Doon was a cliffhanger and are hoping for a sequel, you’re not alone.

During the thanksgiving media conference of the pandemic romance movie, director JP Habac, Janine Gutierrez, JC Santos, Yesh Burce, Victor Anastacio and producer Daphne Chiu discussed about the possibility of a sequel.

“So much possibilities,” JC Santos enthusiastically shares.

Of course, the persons to ask about the possibility of a sequel are the director and the producer. So what does director JP Habac and producer Daphne Chiu have to say?

“Ako, open ‘yung possibility for a sequel kaya nagdarasal kami na maging maganda nag reception ng pelikula globally,” director JP Habac says. But is he writing the sequel as of now? “Naghihintay na lang ako ng signal kanila Daphne (producer),” he continues.

“Endless possibilties. But we want more people to watch the film becayse we’re still streaming and you get the chance pa until the end of the month. So, please go watch and if more people ask for it, then let’s see,” producer Daphne Chiu states.

Let’s be honest, Dito at Doon‘s ending left us with a lot of questions. We can interpret it as it is, the uncertainties in a pandemic. But we feel like there has to be something more. Like Piolo Pascual’s line in Starting Over Again, “I deserve an explanation. I deserve an acceptable reason.”

Our hopes are high but the fact still remains that Dito at Doon had a big impact on us. Not just because of the hope and the romance it offers in a pandemic but also the relationship of the friends, of a mother and her daughter, and the two strangers who found comfort with each other.

Dito at Doon is still streaming on Upstream, Cinema ’76 at Home, KTX, Ticket2Me, and globally via TBA Play.

Watch our coverage of the Dito at Doon Thanksgiving Mediacon below:

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