Modern-day Chinese drama ‘Unforgettable Love’ keeps top spot on iQiyi Philippines

Currently streaming and a consistent top choice among PH users since it launched on iQiyi International app, “Unforgettable Love” introduces the viewers to a trio of charming characters led by C-drama actor Miles Wei along with Hu Yi Xuan and child actor Lennon Sun.

A contemporary mash-up story on the heels of Cinderella and crazy-rich guy resists arranged marriage, Miles Wei takes on the role of He Qiao Yan, a CEO of a global tech company who serves as sole guardian to the young master He Wei Fei or Xiao Bao (Lennon Sun), who grew up connected only to Qiao Yan. They soon fatefully cross paths with Qin Yi Yue (Hu Yi Xuan), a child psychologist whose awkward first meeting with Qiao Yan puts them on the spotlight and a hot topic for gossip, especially within Qiao Yan’s family.   

On the other hand, Xiao Bao and Yi Yue’s first meeting has created an unexpected bond when Xia Bao instantly warmed and opened up to Yi Yue. The next encounters prove Xiao Bao’s fondness for Yi Yue as he already considers her his mom, making Qiao Yan realize that he needs Yi Yue for Xiao Bao’s well-being and continued treatment. As smart as he is, Xiao Bao has long since shut himself from the rest except for Qiao Yan after a traumatic incident at a very young age. The young boy hasn’t spoken a single word ever since and communicates only by writing and sign language. Soon enough, Xiao Bao’s tantrums begin to dissipate as he continues to see Yi Yue on certain occasions. Qiao Yan seizes this opportunity to hire Yi Yue as his employee but on the condition that she will live with them and pretend to be his wife for the sake of Xiao Bao. 

Much to their surprise, their initial negative impressions towards each other are soon replaced with fondness, thus suppressing themselves to show their feelings along the way but for the sake of Xiao Bao, remains true to their contract to stay together as husband and wife.  Their fairytale-like story is soon interrupted by Qiao Yan’s family members intent on keeping the tradition to marry him off to someone who also came from the same background and wealth. 

Meanwhile, “Perfect and Casual” is another Miles Wei romcom starrer that keeps trending on the app. The series is about an aloof and monastic “Mr. Perfect” Zhang Sinian and Yun Shu, a laid-back and cheerful “Miss Almost.”

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