A true gore fan should see Bobby Bonifacio Jr.’s sexy thriller ‘Tahan’

With all the contents Vivamax and Cloe Barretto has been doing, their newest film Tahan would be more than just a surprise for the streaming service subscribers.

It’s not fair to box Tahan to just a sexy drama movie. Even for Pinoy standards for Filipino movies, the genre thriller is a bit of an understatement. The film literally shows skin and blood. And while your fantasies with Cloe Barreto and some guys might be serviced, it is the gore in the film that will leave the audience either wanting for more or exit their screens.

The film starts as sexy, with the story of Elise (Cloe Barreto) who works as a high-end escort for wealthy businessmen and politicians. And her dilemma with her mother Nora (Jaclyn Jose) who, since 11 years old, lives from the earnings of Elise which she encourages. Imagine that, a mother who sells her daughter and now old enough, encourages her to continue to sell her body for money.

But as we see Elise with all her customers, with all her drama with her mother, her partying with her friends. The film began to feel like it’s going nowhere. That’s where the thriller part of the film comes.

If you’ve seen director Bobby Bonifacio Jr.’s works, you’ll know that he comfortable enough with gore, even if you’re not. And here in Tahan, with the limit of censorship gone because of the streaming release, Bonifacio Jr. did not hold back on what he wants to show with regards to gore.

‘Tahan’ is not your typical sexy thriller movie. It’s uncomfortable to watch but also truly engaging because of how effective the dynamics between Cloe Barreto and Jaclyn Jose is.

Written by Quinn Carrillo and directed by Bobby Bonifacio, Jr. Tahan streams on Vivamax starting July 22. The film also stars JC Santos as Marcus.

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