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SILONG (2015) Review
Directed by Jeffrey Hidalgo and Roy Sevilla Ho

A pretentious mystery thriller that has too many twists and plot holes to make it seem smart or at least effective. Pascual and Ramos are good, though. The film gets pretty messy when they start putting twists whenever they can. It keeps getting weak as they reveal more secrets, only making it more ridiculous. The twists are plausible, yes, but poor plotting makes it hard for the viewers to appreciate its revelation in the story.

It could have worked better if they’ve analyzed the story in a more detailed way. And have the characters dig into each other’s personality and past more. These kind of films are tricky, there’s a lot of work needed for a flawless story and proper thrills that the audience can actually appreciate. But Silong forgets its characters to operate as to what they should be, failing  to make a solid film because of the want of an intriguing reveal.


Our rating: 2 out of 5 stars

2 Stars

Silong is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide. Rated R-16 by the MTRCB.

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