‘Ikaw At Ako At Ang Ending’ Review: When lost souls find love

Directed by Irene Villamor

One thing I like about the movies of Irene Villamor is that it gets loneliness. It knows how to present the loneliness in people. And ‘Ikaw At Ako At Ang Ending’ is not an exemption.

This is definitely Kim Molina and Jerald Napoles’ best work to date. Ikaw At Ako At Ang Ending presents how love can change everything. Even lost souls not capable of loving can be transformed by the power of love.

That’s the thing, I can feel from the two main characters how sad, lonely and lost they are even if in the surface, they’re trying to enjoy what life can offer to them. It’s a very matured material that writer and director Irene Villamor executes impressively. I love getting into the characters’ emotions, and how the layers of those characters are being taken off.

The chemistry between the two real-life couple is undeniable but how their chemistry worked on a serious material, that really made the movie experience more genuine.

It may seem like a simple story from afar, but ‘Ikaw At Ako At Ang Ending’ does action, drama, adventure and romance on another level. It’s not just another romance story, it’s not just another end-of-the-world story, it uses the situation to unfold the characters’ dilemmas. It feels like a you-and-me-against-the-world type of romance. And it was done beautifully.


‘Ikaw at Ako at Ang Ending’ is now available for streaming on KTX.PH, VIVAMAX, iWantTFC and TFC IPTV.

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