‘Eternals’ Review: Marvel Studios goes on a different direction

ETERNALS (2021) Review
Directed by Chloe Zhao

There’s a lot to process on probably Marvel Studios’ boldest film to date. Eternals is big, action-packed, and CGI heavy but it also tries to make its treatment more intimate, the emotional baggages are more distinct and more personal that the film gets deeper with its characters. But how these dramas are executed, I think, is where I had a problem with. They felt like a soap opera. Not that soap operas are bad but it doesn’t go well, or at least it wasn’t mixed or executed in a way that the film will feel intact.

I love how Chloe Zhao presents the characters. They’re more relatable and felt more whole. I may not remember the names of all the characters, I mean, they’re not that easy to remember like Peter Parker or Tony Stark, but I remember their emotional journey, their dilemmas. And I love that. I love that I get to feel close with the characters more than other Marvel characters.

Of course, most audience came for the action sequences. And as for me, I wasn’t disappointed. The visuals and tension during the action scenes were quite exemplary. It reminds me why I watch movies on the big screen – because of its epic, larger-than-life action sequences.

The film just struggles with its “family drama.” The confrontation scenes are dragging and feels off that the experience feels disenchanting at times.

Would I watch Eternals again? Maybe. Maybe a second watch would be better than the first. But it feels like a big and promising movie that turned out to be just okay.

But this is kind of a good move for Marvel. While most of their films feels like they’re the same, Eternals not only tries but succeeds in having a different soul. Marvel goes on a different direction and it’s exciting and gives a ray of hope for those who have lost their interest in Marvel movies.


Marvel’s Eternals is now showing in Philippine cinemas from Walt Disney Studios.

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