‘Caught in the Act’ rekindles our fondness for interactions

Being the first Filipino film to be screened on the big screen after almost two years of cinemas being closed because of the pandemic, Perry Escano’s ‘Caught in the Act’ serves not only as a reminder of how long we’ve been entertained by the big screen but also how we miss interactions at school even if you’re not studying pre-pandemic.

The friendships we make, school projects, teachers that imbue and define the meaning of “second parents,” and all the other moments we treasure even when we step outside the campus, Caught in the Act made me remember those moments.

With how the five main characters interact, the film rekindles our fondness for interaction. How big they react because of how exciting things are happening, you rarely see that now.

The film focuses on the five students working on their school project, creating something related to social media. They decided to make an app called ‘Caught in the Act,’ which instantly reports crimes to nearby police stations.

“Caught in the Act” depicts how talented Filipinos are when it comes to invention and creation of advanced technology. The film promotes good Filipino traits like not giving up on trials and adversities of life, very hardworking, responsible, hopeful in achieving their dreams in life,” shares director Perry Escano.

“Most Filipinos nowadays – especially the millennial generation — are into social media, it is also an awareness to everyone that App nowadays are faster and easiest version of a site to interact and connect. These Apps are companions for today’s social life. They are literally very significant in our daily lives, especially on emergency matters like what will be seen in this film,” he continues.

Caught in the Act stars Andi Abaya and Joaquin Domagoso with Bamboo B.m Jhassy Busran, Josh Lichtenberg, Lance Raymundo, Shido Roxas and Karel Marquez.

Caught in the Act opens in cinemas December 15, 2021 – the first Filipino film to be screened on the big screen after it closed during the pandemic. The film is rated PG by the MTRCB.

Check out photos and video from the Caught in the Act world premiere below:

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