Claim and Reclaim our Voice: FilDocs and DAKILA Launch “Dokyu Power” FilmFest

The best bet for the Oscar Best Documentary Features 2022 Writing With Fire and Oscar nominee for best international feature and best documentary for 2021 Collective lead “Dokyu Power,” a film festival that streams from February 25 till April 9, free of charge.

“Dokyu Power” is a move to create meaningful political discourse in the light of the May 2022 national elections, using some of the world’s most celebrated documentaries that tackle issues that can resonate with the Filipino voter.

The festival features five Philippine Premieres that showcase citizens who stood up or paid the ultimate price to protect their democracy.  

From the human rights victims under the dictatorship of Francisco Franco Bahamonde of Spain (The Silence of Others), to journalists exposing a corrupt health system in Romania (Collective) women journalists fighting government (Writing With Fire), and the Filipino People who stood up against the Marcos dictatorship through a peaceful people’s revolution (People Power and Augie Rivera’s Isang Harding Papel, A Martial Law Musical.)

The festival also features Manila Lockdown: One of the longest COVID lockdowns in the world, Aswang, The Cleaners and The Kingmaker.

“Dokyu Power,” is presented by the Filipino Documentary Society (FilDocs), the same group behind the 2020 Documentary Festival “Daang Dokyu,” together with Dakila and its Active Vista Center. It is supported by Cinema Centenario, Purin Film Fund and Rappler’s Move.Ph.

The festival will also feature other local and international films, online events, and one on one with conversations with the filmmakers.

Dokyu Power was launched last February 25 in an online forum entitled “May Power pa ba ang People?” in commemoration of the 36th anniversary of the People Power Revolution.

More information is available at Daang Dokyu Fest

About the organizers:

FilDocs (Filipino Documentary Society) is a non-profit organization that supports the creation of documentary films in the Philippines through various film activities in the development, production, distribution and exhibition of films locally and internationally, by creating partnerships and collaborations with individuals, institutions and companies that share parallel objectives and values.

DAKILA – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism is a group of artists, students, and individuals committed to working together to creatively spark social consciousness formation towards social change. 

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