Phoebe Walker stars in advocacy film ‘The Buy Bust Queen’

“Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid.” Bravery in the face of evil is what PDEA agents exhibit every single day. Bravery is not the absence of fear, but resilience despite that fear and this is not an exclusive man’s trait. THE BUY BUST QUEEN will show PDEA women were an exception. Women agents have been on the increase. Despite being under-represented, women are highly successful in PDEA’s major operations.

This advocacy film shall break stereotypes and will flip the gender scales a bit. Women can join spaces previously dominated by men. It will focus on the dedication and commitment of 7 women agents, their hardships that can never be taken for granted joining the institution. They are based on a solid foundation of a lifetime of virtues that is hard to feign or invent.

This movie will show where the results of their work are not always noticed. They have good reasons to be proud of their achievements, and good results serve as an example and motivation to other women within the institution.

Inspired by true events. The film is directed by JR Olinares. Available soon on PinoyFlix.

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