‘The Bad Guys’ Review: Fun animated film with lots of twists and turns

THE BAD GUYS (2022) Review
Directed by Pierre Perifel

Honestly, at first I was having doubts whether I feel like I’m going to enjoy The Bad Guys or not. Its macho appeal did not attract me at first but the visuals, the personalities of the characters are just too engaging you’re unaware you’re already glued to the screen.

The Bad Guys is a fun, action-packed animated movie with lots of twists and turns, but it didn’t feel bloated. The film smoothly transitions its adventures, its interpretation of how the characters turn from bad to good in a funny and heartwarming way.

Caution to the parents if they decide to watch this with the kids. The themes are a little adult, I think. I’m not sure if robbing a bank and other criminal activities would be a good sight for them. An extra explaining would probably do. But there’s glory, in a way, seeing how goodness has more effect and will always be the better choice.


‘The Bad Guys’ is now showing in Philippine cinemas from DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures International.

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