Zanjoe Marudo, Kylie Verzosa explore the art of falling in love in ‘Ikaw Lang Ang Mahal’

Rich, diverse, and full of mystery – these are some words that can describe the arts and literature in the Philippines, and somehow, these words can also define our understanding of love. Join Kylie Verzosa and Zanjoe Marudo as they let themselves explore the different arts in the country, and more so, the art of falling in love – in a Vivamax Original Movie, IKAW LANG ANG MAHAL.

Andrei (Zanjoe Marudo), a filmmaker, takes a trip to Sagada, hoping to woo three national artists as a subject for his documentary. Andrei immerses himself in the mountainous region, meets locals, and becomes intimate with some of them. He then meets Lira (Kylie Verzosa), a best-selling author, who happens to be the niece of one of the artists that Andrei is trying to get in touch with. The two become close as Andrei asks for Lira’s help to meet the legendary artist. Andrei slowly falls for Lira and becomes more focused on being in love with her than achieving his plans for his documentary. Set in the beautiful mountains of Sagada, fall in love not only with the movie’s characters and story but also with the cold and dreamy ambiance of the location.

The movie stars two of today’s A-list actors – Kylie Verzosa, known as the Vivamax Goddess, starred in chart-topping Vivamax Originals – My Husband, My Lover, The Housemaid, and Sisid. Her leading man, Zanjoe Marudo, recently starred in Bela Padilla’s directorial debut, 366.

Joining the remarkable cast are seasoned actors – Joel Torre, Lara Morena and Ronnie Lazaro. Vivamax’s sexy star, Cara Gonzales, who has been notable for her roles in Pornstar 2: Pangalawang Putok, Palitan, and The Wife plays a very crucial role in the movie.

This film is by a multi-awarded director, Richard Somes. Prepare to fall in love and get your hearts broken, conquer all for love, and make a promise of forever to that one person, IKAW LANG ANG MAHAL streams on Vivamax starting May 20, 2022.

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