‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Review: Surpasses its predecessor with flying colors

TOP GUN: MAVERICK (2022) Review
Directed by Joseph Kosinski

There is nothing more glorious than a beloved classic being honored in the best way possible: continuing the emotional journey of its main character and giving him the spotlight to showcase what he has left to offer, and in this case, way more than you can imagine.

Sun, skin, men and women in full throttle. Top Gun: Maverick is one of the best sequels I’ve seen. High on tension, high on entertainment. The film finds Tom Cruise in his most vulnerable emotionally and physically, and that’s just one of the things the film offers.

For the fans, it’s worth the wait. For those unfamiliar with the first movie, Top Gun: Maverick would probably make you want to watch the first one.

The story is straightforward, it’s simple but the build up is excellent. You’re introduced to an impossible mission and even after multiple tries, the impossible mission seems more like a suicide mission. The stakes are high, you’re getting attached to the other characters more and you really want to this mission to succeed. The tension just rises and rises, it’s as if you’re part of the mission.

Do you get the picture? Then picture it with roaring sounds from the aricrafts, the big screen adventure and terrific acting from Tom Cruise and the ensemble. Cruise was right when he said he and the production team made the film for the big screen. It’s one of those movies who makes sure when you buy your tickets, it will be worth every penny/peso.

Yes, go see Top Gun: Maverick in the cinemas. It’ll be worth your time and your money. You’ll leave the cinemas feeling like you just watched a biopic of a real life hero named Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.


‘Top Gun: Maverick’ opens in Philippine cinemas and IMAX Theatres May 25, 2022 from Paramount Pictures, distributed through Columbia Pictures. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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