‘Ngayon Kaya’ starring Janine Gutierrez, Paulo Avelino to finally release in cinemas, gets new poster and trailer

The first big romantic Filipino motion picture of 2022 is set to open on June 22, and its production company has unveiled a trailer and official movie poster.

Local studio T-Rex Entertainment, with its project partner WASD Films, has recently dropped a trailer and official movie poster of Ngayon Kaya, a romantic film starring Paulo Avelino and Janine Gutierrez.

In this film directed by Prime Cruz and written by Jen Chuaunsu, Paulo and Janine portray the characters of Harold Coquia and AM Fernandez, respectively, college buddies who are reunited years later as guests at a wedding. The teaser then takes the viewer to a quick history of their friendship, of how the two classmates start their own band in spite of Harold’s hesitation, and then forward to awkward moments at the wedding reception, and then to Harold confronting AM about her sudden presence at the airport when he’s set to leave it all behind – the what ifs and all.

The poster, meanwhile, shows a smiling Harold looking lovingly at a giddy AM in a dreamy setting.

Ngayon Kaya is Paulo and Janine’s first film together; and their second project as a love team after their top-rating ABS-CBN series Marry Me, Marry You which was aired from September 2021 to January 2022.

As moviehouses are now fully operational, Janine hopes that audiences will watch Ngayon Kaya.  She says, “I hope people come out to see our film… It’s been challenging for films for the past two years.  I hope this is the start of local films making it back into theaters and people supporting local films again.”

‘Ngayon Kaya’ opens in Philippine cinemas June 22, 2022 from T-Rex Entertainment, and its project partner WASD Films.

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