‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Review: Fun cosmic adventure with surprising emotional punch

Directed by Taika Waititi

It’s an understatement calling Thor: Love and Thunder as a movie that offers big adventure and fun entertainment, writer and director Taika Waititi has somehow created this impressive blend of humor and captivating drama that works perfectly for the character of Thor.

The first among the characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to have a fourth solo movie, Thor: Love and Thunder is, in a way, feels like a copy of Thor: Ragnarok in terms of how the story was told. The God of Thunder gets to have his adventures and encounter someone or some thing that’s going to become his big rival in the end. It’s your typical formula, yes. But the way it was executed is sophisticated.

But like all superhero movies, the story wouldn’t be engaging without a convincing villain. Christian Bale as Gorr The God Butcher is effective in giving the film enough tension, enough suspense whenever his presence is on the screen. And they gave him quite a background story so the audience can also understand his actions.

But the ride, the journey, the story of Thor, the two Thors. I was surprised when they announced that Natalie Portman is returning as Jane because she already said that she’s done playing Thor’s love interest. But in the film, it all makes sense. This is her way of leaving the MCU, this is her way of giving a character her deserved spotlight, a strong female character that fights until the end.

Chris Hemsworth continuously proving he doesn’t just have the god bod for the role but also the talent, the fight scenes, the drama and the comedy, worthy of a fourth installment and maybe more. His charisma definitely carries the film, may it be his leading man charm or his innocent-jokes-that-will-take-your-breath-away charm.

Thor: Love and Thunder is an absolute fun cinematic experience. It may not be one that you would remember for a long time but it’s definitely one that will give you an escape from everything.


‘Thor: Love and Thunderopens in Philippine cinemas and IMAX 3D July 6, 2022 from Walt Disney Studios. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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