‘The Influencer’ tells a cautionary tale of fame in the social media generation

Fame can be a rabbit hole once you let it devour your sensibilities. It can change you for the better or for the worse, it can give you more confidence but it can also give you more reason or more people to bring you down. But in the social media generation when fame can be earned as quick as a day and also can be gone as fast as that as well, we should all be cautious of the people we meet online.

‘The Influencer’ tells an unforgettable hook up that brings a guy to a state of heaven but he has no idea that hell comes next.

At first, you may thought that The Influencer is just another sexy drama film streaming in Vivamax but as the story progresses, it turns into something else. A cautionary tale of how not only influencers, but also every person who uses social media should be careful of the information we post and the people we meet there.

It actually talks a lot about our society. How image can be manipulated through fake information, how men think they can play with women and their feelings, how our reality isn’t as real as they seem.

The Influencer both entertain the fans of Vivamax and provokes its viewers with its story. It doesn’t box itself with what the audience would want. It may have a big room for improvement but a movie that can start a conversation is something worth seeing. At least for me.

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