‘Family Matters’ Review: Beautifully moving, existential family drama

FAMILY MATTERS (2022) Review
Directed by Nuel Crisostomo Naval

Have you reflected on how you treat or value your family lately? Do you sometimes take something for granted because you feel like there’s always another time? “Your phone will always be there, but I won’t,” one of the lines in Nuel Crisostomo Naval’s latest family drama entry in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival that will touch your heart and reflect on how you treat others especially your family.

Family Matters is a beautifully moving and existential family drama with a great ensemble. It understands the chaos of a big Filipino family and turns it into something that the audiences can reflect on. You’ll leave the cinema with more wisdom on the meaning of life and how death can be something that drives us to be more connected with the people with love.

I know that Christmas season should be fun and watching a family drama seems not the first thing that would come out as a way to celebrate but Family Matters is us. One way or another, there’s a character in the film you will relate to. You’ll laugh a lot and you’ll even cry more.

The film is such a rewarding experience from a powerhouse cast, impressive direction and beautiful story. It’s worth your time and your money. You may even want to rewatch it again after seeing it for the first time.


‘Family Matters’ is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide from CineKo Productions. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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