‘My Teacher’ Review: A decent feel-good homage to educators

MY TEACHER (2022) Review
Directed by Paul Soriano

What do you get when you cast Toni Gonzaga as a teacher and Joey de Leon as her student? If you’re from the 90s, you might think the product will be like Iskul Bukol, but My Teacher has a different approach: a heartwarming story about the struggles of both the teacher and her students.

It’s light, easy to follow, and even the conflicts are not that complicated. But it works because that is probably the film’s goal, to give the audience something that’ll make them feel good and remember what it means to pursue something with a bigger purpose or maybe the nostalgic feels of being inside a classroom.

The surface looks good, an individual wanting to make a change, to serve her purpose as an educator. My Teacher is a decent feel-good homage to our second parents at school. While the film lacks layers, it still manages to be pleasant from start to finish.

If you’re looking for something deeper though, you might get a little disappointed. The film might touch on certain issues like the unfair treatment of both the students and the teachers from people with authority, and the lack of substance exploring the issues of why someone is taking his high school years as a senior citizen.

My Teacher is a breeze to watch if you’re not looking for something that packs something emotionally big. While it does have some emotional moments, it could have used those emotional baggage for the film to have a more meaningful watch.

‘My Teacher’ is now showing in Philippine cinemas from TEN17P and TINCAN. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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